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You may have heard of food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, and more that help neighbors facing hunger but how’s it all work? Together. Food banks, food pantries, backpack programs, and other community organizations play an important role in fighting hunger in our communities.

Food banks like Mountaineer and Facing Hunger serve as a foundation for this network. Food banks receive food from federal nutrition programs, commodities, donated food from retailers and others, and purchased food. Food banks store large quantities of a variety of foods, cold and shelf stable, at their warehouses. Food banks work with their community partners like soup kitchens and food pantries to put food on their shelves to help feed neighbors in need.  This takes a robust operations team at the food banks to make sure transportation and logistics needs are met.

Food banks also have programs to tackle hunger in specific populations such as children, veterans, and the elderly as well as programs geared toward increasing wellness in communities through Rx programs that highlight healthy foods and lifestyles. Food banks collaborate with organizations, community leaders, and elected officials to understand communities’ needs and address them.


Food Bank 101

Take Action

Together, we can end hunger, but it’s going to require an active partnership between yourself and the vast network of charities, governments, and the private sector. We're grateful to have you on our side.

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Become an Advocate

Our federal programs are only as strong as the support they receive on Capitol Hill. Hunger Free WV works every day to protect and expand these vital programs to make sure that no one in West Virginia goes hungry.


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Volunteers are the backbone of our success in getting safe, healthy meals to families and households facing hunger. Just a few hours of your time at your local food bank can have an enormous impact on your neighbors in need.

Learn more by giving your local food bank a call. 

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You already have the power to make an even bigger impact, just by connecting with the people you know! Start your own Facebook fundraiser, or make a personal donation to either Mountaineer Food Bank or Facing Hunger Food Bank. 

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