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Hunger Free

Working toward a Hunger Free West Virginia where everyone who lives here can access the food they choose, where they want, when they need it.

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Our Goal:

Hunger Free WV began with a big goal: end hunger in West Virginia. Hunger Free WV was envisioned by both of the states food banks, Mountaineer Food Bank and Facing Hunger Food Bank and partners from across the state as a roadmap for coordinating and focusing efforts to create better access to food resources for West Virginians who need it.


Hunger Free WV will focus its efforts on helping to identify inequities in food systems and chart a course toward change by partnering with community leaders and our elected officials. Hunger Free WV efforts are also focused on filling gaps in existing efforts to ensure that our work is as impactful as possible.  

1 in 7

West Virginians go hungry every day.


Food insecurity rate in West Virginia

1 in 5

Children struggle with food insecurity in West Virginia

208,720 to 266,370

From 2021 to now, the food insecure population in West Virginia has increased by almost 60,000!

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Nolan Pickney 1 (1).JPG


Far too many of our neighbors struggle with food insecurity, meaning some our friends and family don’t have consistent access to enough food for everyone in their home to live an active, healthy life. This might be temporary or long-term.

Food insecurity may have short-term and long-term negative impacts on a person’s health and quality of life. People on medication may face serious health consequences when they are forced to choose between spending money on food, medicine, or medical care.

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